Focus group to discuss training offers, needs and trends of Ports and Logistic Sectors in Portugal

Within the framework of Onboard project – Development of technical profiles and training curriculum for the Ports and Logistics sector, Fórum Oceano organised, in collaboration with the Portuguese partners Inova+ and ISCIA, a Focus Group to validate the intermediate results about training offers, needs and trends of the Ports and Logistic Sector.

The initiative was held during the meeting of Forum Oceano’s Working Group on Employment and Training, which took place in Lisbon, on June 6th. The meeting was attended by 17 participants with experience, knowledge and/or interest on subjects related to skills, employment and training and the sectors of Ports, Maritime transport and Logistics.Inova+, which is the leading partner of the project, explained the context of Focus Group discussion, presenting the main and intermediate results of Onboard, namely, the results of a survey on training offer and needs, and of the stakeholder’s interviews about technical profiles and key skills on the development of the sector.

The Focus Group discussion focused on these results and it was important for hearing the participant’s opinion and for collecting relevant information to accomplish the project objectives.

One of the main conclusions of the Focus Group was the creation of a working group or cluster to guarantee: the flexibility of development and update of technical profiles and to accelerate the process of promoting the match between learning outcomes and market needs. This working group or cluster should integrate the regulatory body of qualification and certification, VET providers, companies or representatives of companies, authorities and professionals of the sector.

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