ONBOARD Functional Profiles are already available!

With the results of the initial phase of the project – a study on apprenticeships training needs and trends for the ports and logistics sector (WP2) -, ONBOARD partnership was then in conditions to start developing the second stage of the project: design of the Functional Profiles for the apprenticeships courses, adjusted to the sector needs and demands.

Two functional profiles were developed and are now finalised, being available at the ONBOARD website:

  • Technician on Information Technology applied to ports and logistics | EQF 4 | ACCESS HERE
  • Specialist Technician on Information Technology applied to ports and logistics | EQF 5 | ACCESS HERE

Both documents have the same structure: identification of the qualification, a general description of the qualification, description of the activities to be performed in this function and the identification of the competencies (knowledge, skills and attitudes & soft skills). The European and National Qualification Framework levels (EQF and NQF of each country of the partnership – Portugal, United Kingdom and Ireland) are also identified.

There is also available the General Report on Functional Profiles for the Apprenticeships Courses for the Ports and Logistics Sector (ACCESS HERE). In this report you can find all the background context that gave rise to the definition of these functional profiles, as well as the relationship between the functional profiles and the training needs identified.

The next step of the project is the development of the correspondent curricula/training programmes for the apprenticeships courses to each of the functional profiles, being concluded with a validation workshop in each partner country with relevant experts and stakeholders.

To keep updated about the activities and results of the project we invite you to follow our website. For further information, please contact Andreia Monteiro at andreia.monteiro@inova.business.

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