Two validation workshops occurred in Ireland!

In order to ensure the necessary national validation of the KA3 OnBoard technical profiles and curricula in Ireland, two validation sessions were completed so as ensure that the perspectives of multiple stakeholders were gathered within the Irish context. Such perspectives included those involved in the delivery of apprenticeship training in Ireland, and relevant logistics industry stakeholders with the necessary professional background and experience.

Validation session 1 involved engagement with Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT), a higher education institute which has recently coordinated the development and implementation of a national development programme called the “Logistics Associate Apprenticeship”, which was launched in September 2018. This session was two part in nature and involved an in-depth interview held on January 25th 2019 through a Skype meeting with the coordinator of the programme. We were then invited to Dublin on March 13th 2019 to meet personally and engage in further discussion which allowed us primarily to gain further insights for the development of the training of key-professionals. We also met with four students undergoing the current programme. The students provided us with valuable insights into their experiences gained so far which proved very helpful.

Validation session 2 was held on January 29th 2019 in the National College of Ireland (NMCI). This validation session involved a workshop with 21 logistics and supply chain management professionals, who are currently completing a Level 7 Bachelor of Business in Supply Chain and Transport Management in the NMCI, while also fulfilling roles with national and multinational organizations. This workshop focused primarily on discussing the content within the training curricula, and its relevance within the national and multinational port, logistics, and shipping context.  The workshop proved very successful as the students were able to provide honest feedback on their opinions of the content and provided very useful advice on changes that we should consider making to the curricula.


Picture: Maria Looney of the Halpin Centre speaking to Bachelor of Business in Supply Chain and Transport Management students in the NMCI on January 29th 2019.

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