In this section you can find the project products some strategic documents identified and collected by partners at regional, national and European levels relevant for the sector and for the apprenticeships’ schemes. Additionally, you can also have access to some promotional materials of the project.
Project Products

In this section is possible to download the main results and products developed during the project implementation

A sectoral plan for the design of new technical profiles and joint curricula
Technical profiles for the ports and logistics sector
2-3 joint curricula for the ports and logistics sector
An apprenticeship model
A training program for key-professionals
Strategic documents

In this section you have access to relevant quantitative and qualitative sources (e.g. official statistics, studies, reports, action plan, frameworks and papers) related to the actual characterization, evolution, trends and needs of the ports and logistics sector.

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Promotional materials
Onboard Brochure
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Onboard Newsletters
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Onboard Press Release
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