Onboards' relevance & impact
By partners and associated partners!
Onboard in a glimpse
Strengthen VET-business partnerships on apprenticeships at local and regional levels and setting-up and implementing new cooperation structures on sustainable VET-business partnerships.
Target groups
Apprenticeship’s providers & professionals, SME & Business representatives, local & regional authorities and clusters of the maritime sector, increasing the strengthen and quality of business-education partnerships for apprenticeships.
Tools & Resources
Starting with the development of a sectoral plan of the evolution, (training) needs and trends of ports and logistics sector, Onboard consortium expects to design and provide 2-3 technical profiles and joint curricula for the sector.
Based in the experience of the consortium in the design of technical profiles and joint curricula, an apprenticeship model addressed to key-professionals of the apprenticeship’s schemes of ports and logistics sector will be structured and validated.

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