During the first year of the project, the consortium promoted different workshops fostering the enagement of stakeholders of the ports and logistics sector in the processes of development and validation of the Onboard resources.

Onboard at the Business2Sea

On 15th November 2019, Onboard was introduced in the workshop “Marine Technologies, Jobs and Training” at the Business2Sea Conference.

This was the first public event held in Portugal in which the study, technical profiles and curricula were introduced to representatives, professionals and experts of the ports and logistics sector and contributed to:

  • Establishing contact with stakeholders that would be involved in the process of development of resources and activities of the Onboard project;
  • Collecting letters of interested from organisations willing to become associated partners of the project.

It was an important event that allowed the partnership to understand that was in a good track within project products.

Know more about this event here.

National workshops

Between February and March 2019, partners organised National workshops aiming at:

  • Introducing the technical profiles and curricula develop to stakeholders of the sector;
  • Discussing and collect feedback from the profiles and curricula from participants;
  • Validating the technical profiles and curricula at regional/national level.

Overall, partners promoted 3 workshops in Portugal and Ireland, involving 38 participants representatives from policy-makers, apprenticeships’ providers, companies and professionals from the ports and logistics sector. From these workshops, partners incorporated some suggestions for improvement, namely:

  • The integration of the soft skills in the profiles and curricula;
  • Review of the curricula, integrating the digital skills in a smoother way in the profiles (a better connection between digital skills and technical skills).

In the case of the United Kingdom the validation was made by interviews, involving two experts.

These workshops and interviews were strategic to engage stakeholders in the following activities of the project and to develop other products relevant to the actors of the sector.

The report on validation session is available for download here.


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