To better understand the evolution, needs and trends of the ports and logistics sectors, Onboard partners held a set of activities of desk research and fieldwork, including:

Identification of strategic documents related to apprenticeship schemes and the ports and logistics sector

Collection of surveys involving companies of the sector

Implementation of interviews with key-experts from apprenticeship system and/or of ports and logistics sector

These activities were performed in the three countries of the partnership – Portugal, Ireland and the United Kingdom – and allowed partners to better understand the sector and the apprenticeships schemes available in each country.

The strategic documents are available for download in the section of Resources » Strategic Documents.

This section includes a wide type of strategic documents both at National and European levels, documents which are related and relevant to the sector, to apprenticeships and Onboard project itself.

Between January and February 2018, the consortium had the opportunity of collecting, from the three countries, 135 answers to the questionnaires. Those results are essential to better understand the characterization of the ports and logistics sector in terms of qualification needs (training and trends) in the perspective of SME.

Based on the results of the surveys, partners structured a protocol to interview experts and professionals from the ports and logistics sector and of the apprenticeship system, so that it was possible to better understand the needs and trends of the sector concerning the functional profiles required to the competitiveness of the sector. Overall, the partners from the three countries made a total of 23 formal interviews, which were complemented with a set of informal conversations with different stakeholders.

The results from these two activities will allow preparing the final document “Technical profiles and training offers in ports and logistics sector: trends and needs”, which will be available for download in the section Resources » Project Products.


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