With the objective of preparing experts and professionals acting in the field of qualification and training of young people for the ports and logistics to use and integrate Onboard resources in their organisations, the consortium defined a training plan and materials. The training has a duration of 28h, combining face-to-face sessions with self-learning, this last one, by accessing the materials available at the learning area.

The training was implemented and tested between June and September 2019 in Portugal and Ireland, involving 24 participants acting in the apprenticeships and/or qualification schemes of young trainees and the following units were approached:

  • Introduction to Apprenticeship Training
  • Sectoral Qualification Considerations
  • VET and Business Cooperation in Apprenticeships
  • Assessment

At the end of the training, participants were asked to provide their feedback about the training. In the case of the United Kingdom two interviews with experts were made to present the training and collect their feedback about it.

Overall the participants felt that this was an extremely worthwhile and effective training programme which outlines with great effect the overall structure of the developed apprenticeship programmes, while also providing some extremely useful knowledge and insights for those involved with mentoring apprentices. The training also reinforces with great effect the value to be gained from fostering continuous cooperation between VET providers and industry stakeholders. On the other hand, participants suggested as improvement the implementation of more face to face sessions during the training. The report related to the training is available for download here.

Know more about the training plan in the section of Resources » Project Products.


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